May 03, 2011


Having a similar name to another restaurants in New York and Amsterdam, Pasta Basta is Jakarta's newest contender in the food and beverages industry and has been opening their doors since Feb 18th 2011. Owned by brothers, Alex and Tino Tian, the tiny restaurant is the medium for them to share the love of their own family's recipe to Jakarta.

Pasta Basta is a single menu restaurant that offers Spaghetti Basta as their main dish, made with their family's recipe that has been handed down through generations since 1962. A range of beverages is available with Tinto de Verano as their signature drinks.

Residing at Kemang Selatan I no.20, the small space Pasta Basta used, has been transformed into a cozy and intimate ambience that surely will make you feel like you are in the comfort of your own house. The service is excellent from the first time you stepped in until you walked out the door. The waiter isn't acting like she's only there for work, but actually greet you like friends and chats to you.

You can get a bowl of spaghetti at the price of IDR 39000, and a jumbo spaghetti at IDR 55000. The price for the beverages are ranging from IDR 6000 for bottled water, IDR 8000 for soft drinks and IDR 35000 for a glass of their pleasant Tinto de Verano. Worth it!

Pasta Basta is the perfect place for you to have either lunch or dinner, with your friends, family or dates. Kids will love the place (besides having spaghetti as the menu) as they offer their wall to be written on with chalk by guests. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, and all are smoking area.

The whole concept of one big happy family is really embodied in the menu, service, interior and the people.

Be sure to check the place out, if you're in town!

Pasta Basta
Kemang Selatan I no.20
Opening Hours:
12PM - 12AM

sorry for the low quality pictures (i forgot my cam and took these with my iphone)
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October 18, 2010


Hello there mates,

I moved to Nottingham, UK months ago (to study for my postgrad degree for a year) so from now on I'll be posting amusing stuff about Nottingham.

Nottingham is the 9th biggest city in the United Kingdom. Yes, it is surely not as big as London but guess what, this city is one of a kind. Besides the fact that it is pretty decent yet convinient and entertaining, people here are amazingly fashionable. Do keep in mind that most of the people who live here are students. Students here express themselves through their outfits. They don't cover themselves much with high street brands, but most of them are interested in vintage outfits. There are several Vintage stores in Nottingham, and COW is one of the vintage stores here that do know how to attract fashionists.





First, the shop itself is designed with a mix of vintage and a bit of modern style. In a way I may describe it as ultra trendy. Most of the clothes here are used but some of it are new. There are dresses, shoes, boots, leather bags, luggages... some of the things you have on your wish list. If you are thinking about the price, don't worry, it is reasonable:)


When you have the chance to stop by Nottingham, spare your time to visit this store and no doubt you'll find what you want (If you are a vintage lover):)Photobucket



2A George Street Nottingham


(+44)115 958 3133

September 21, 2010


an exhibition by Li Hui

Gadgetry and Rites

until 31st of October 2010

at Yuz Museum
Dharmawangsa Square
City Walk unit 31-33

July 09, 2010


Fools on parade, yes. Brilliant fools that is.

So we have a four-day market curated by a certain community of people, which sells upraising local brands and whatnot, called BRIGHTSPOT.

The idea? Genius!
The brands? Some are genius, and some are just not getting it.

But overall, this market has an interesting feel to it, when basically you can just parade your ways of thinking or your apprehension towards life through your brands, the way you dress or just simply the way you socialize with people.

February 14, 2010


Well hello mates! Hope you had a nice St. Valentine's day. I don't have my boyfriend here with me so I did not have the chance to express my huge love to him but I was blessed to see couples celebrating their valentines. You would think that I felt jealous but the truth, I really did not. Whenever I see couples expressing their love to their partner, they make me smile and I felt the love!:) Today, Love was in the air! So, today, after church I went to my second favorite cafe called Pick Wick's. Pick Wick's is an international cafe and what interesting is this place is not only a cafe but a book and video store too. While you're having you're coffee, you can just get one of the books from the shelves and enjoy your reading session. The books are divided into different categories and there are a lot of various books you can read there. The same with videos too. You could rent any english dvds from this cafe. I love the way they styled the cafe. The old fashioned wood interiors, the shallow pink colored walls, the leathered sofa, the smell of the old books, oh its sooo geil! (geil=cool).

There are a lot of choices of types of drinks that you would love to try. What is so good about the place is the fact that it gives you the most comfortable feeling you would ever need. Oh plus, the music that this cafe has are the oldies, chill out songs, indie songs, the kind of songs that would accompany your coffee session perfectly.

This cafe is placed in the station called Schwedenplatz, one station after and before the city centre. This street is really a perfect street for taking a walk in the day too because it makes you feel calm. I took a walk today at Schwedenplatz and I love the breeze of the wind and the trees and the birds...everything just aced my valentine's day today!
Hope you did express the love you have to the ones you love today.
Happy Valentine's day peepz.